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The International Database on Longevity (IDL) is the result of an ongoing concerted effort to provide thoroughly validated information on individuals who attain extreme ages. The IDL allows for the demographic analysis of mortality at the highest ages. Originally, the data were collected on individuals who attained an age of 110 years or more - so called supercentenarians. In the meantime the data collection has been extended to include younger ages for some countries.

The information entered into the IDL is supplied by a group of international contributors. The data collection is performed in such a way that age-ascertainment bias is avoided and detailed meta-data are given for each country. This information is essential for valid demographic analyses.

The IDL takes great steps to secure data privacy. All individual information is made anonymous, and no information on the identity of any individual will be made available.

The IDL provides data for research purposes and information can be downloaded free of charge. Terms of usage can be found here.